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Neptune was founded in 1930 when a group of like-minded Masons of the Temperance Lodge decided that a new lodge was warranted, as is quite normal; lodges and freemasons thrive and grow. Our history page will add insight to this event and more.

Today, Neptune Lodge is still thriving and growing, with many new members wishing to join our ranks, both from within the fraternity and outside. We are a very friendly lodge and welcome visitors to enjoy our ceremonies with us.

Neptune's contribution to Charity has, on many occasions, proved its worthiness. We received a Platinum Award for contributions to the 2016 Festival, having received the Gold Award in 2014. With only 44 members at the time , Neptune Lodge are very proud of our achievement.

Becoming a Freemason

Neptune's membership is rising heathily. If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, please visit our "About" page, where further information and Provincial links can be found.

Social Neptune

Neptune is a very social lodge, we enjoy visiting other lodges and we welcome all visitors from other lodges to Neptune. We meet at the Masonic Hall in Albert Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3DD UK on the first Thursday of each month, except July and August.

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