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Neptune was founded in 1930 when a group of like-minded Masons of the Temperance Lodge decided that a new lodge was warranted, as is quite normal; lodges and freemasons thrive and grow. Our history page will add insight to this event and more.

Today, Neptune Lodge is still thriving and growing, with many new members wishing to join our ranks, both from within the fraternity and outside. We are a very friendly lodge and welcome visitors to enjoy our ceremonies with us. We meet in Albert Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.

Neptune's contribution to Charity has, on many occasions, proved its worthiness. We are now well on our way to a Platinum Award for contributions to the 2016 Festival, having received the Gold Award in 2014. With only 44 members at present in Neptune Lodge, we are very proud of our achievement.

Details of the Freemason's Festival System, the Freemasons' Grand Charity, can be found here:

The Freemasons' Grand Charity 2016 Festival

Neptune on Tour will provide information on the visits to other lodges that our social secretary organises. These do have limited spaces but are open to other local lodges.

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, please visit our "About" page, where further information and links can be found.

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A Word From Our Worshipful Master

Our new Master, W Bro David Nix. David's comments on becoming Master of Neptune:

I joined Neptune Lodge in March 2011 following the extremely sad closure of Emsworth Lodge 8574. I remember explaining at the time that I was looking for a quiet time, a Social Lodge where I could enjoy my masonry without thought of further progression as I was already quite active in my Mother Lodge Agincourt 7172 based at Camberley Surrey.

That idea was soon forgotten as the friendly at atmosphere at Neptune with its ritual much different from Agincourt's prompted me to accept Office and once again I found myself involved. I went through the chair at my Mother Lodge in 2013/2014 and then had the honour of being installed as WM at Neptune in March 2015.

I much enjoyed my installation as old many old friends from Emsworth Lodge came as a reunion opportunity and these were reinforced by a large contingent from Agincourt. Neptune Brethren, famous for their hospitality, made both groups very welcome. The icing on the cake was the guest visit of the Past Provincial Grand Master of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The whole evening was most memorable and I now look forward to a very busy year.

Worshipful Master

David Nix, Worshipful Master, 2015-2016

What our Immediate Past Master thought on His Installation

I was initiated into Freemasonry and Neptune Lodge about 7 years ago. I had been proposed by my Dad and seconded by W/Bro Norman Jones. Since then I have worked my way through the offices of the lodge culminating in this year having the highest honour bestowed upon me by being Installed as the Master. For me it has been a relatively short journey compared to some but no less enlightening.

Siting in the lodge waiting for the Installation to get underway was very similar to the time I was waiting to be initiated sat in a convenient room with that sense of the unknown.

The charitable nature of Masons in general has always amazed me but the members of Neptune stand amongst the very best when I look at the amount of money raised by this lodge it astounds me as we head towards achieving the 2016 Festival** Gold award.

I now face the coming year with anticipation and hope to attain the very high standards set by the past masters of this lodge but also hope to do so with a smile which I feel helps set Neptune aside from some other lodges.

Worshipful Master

Alfie Horn, Jr., Worshipful Master, 2014-2015

**The Festival System (The 2016 Festival is in aid of The Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys)

My Entered Apprentice Experience

I was so keen to become a Mason, but I had no idea why. The day of my initiation finally arrived and at the appropriate moment, I looked around and saw so many faces I recognised, which made me feel a little less nervous. After the ceremony, during the Festive Board, they made me feel so important, then even had a song just for me. I now knew why I so wanted to become a Freemason.

(Brother Steve Froggatt, 1986)
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Worshipful Brother Steve Froggatt PPJGD

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